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Critical Illness Cover

Consider adding Critical Illness Cover to your Life Insurance Policy

More and more people are adding Critical Illness Cover to their Life Insurance Policy. It means that your policy will fully pay out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke and most cancers (plus lots more rather unpleasant illnesses as scheduled on your policy). It certainly makes good sense as 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women will suffer a critical illness before their normal retirement age.

Now's the time to consider Critical Illness Cover

You can buy a policy that combines Critical Illness cover with Life Insurance. These combined policies ensure that, in addition to death or terminal illness, you are covered if you became critically ill. This clearly frees you from a major worry.

Buying a combined Life and Critical Illness Policy will be cheaper than buying two seperate policies. You can't add critical illness cover to your life policy after your life cover has started. There are pros and cons about this so ask for advice.

Buying a combined Life and Critical Illness Policy will be cheaper than buying two seperate policies. You can't add critical illness cover to your life policy after your life cover has started. There are pros and cons about this so ask for advice.



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LifeSearch, our broker Partner, will talk you through the many life insurance options and help you find a great deal.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 people develop cancer at some point in their lifetime, 1 in 4 die from cancer
  • 1 in 5 male deaths occur between the ages of 20 and 65
  • There are an estimated 2.68 million people living with Coronary Heart Disease in the UK
  • 75,000 people suffer a heart attack, stroke or cancer every year
  • 33% of people have no insurance to pay off their mortgage if they die



Life Insurance to protect your Mortgage

What does Mortgage Life Insurance do?

Mortgage Protection Insurance, also known as Mortgage Life Insurance, pays out a lump sum to repay your outstanding mortgage if you die or fall terminally ill. The premiums you pay decrease each year in line with the decreasing sum you owe your mortgage lender.

Repayment Mortgages

With a repayment mortgage, that's where your monthly repayments repay both interest and the capital you initially borrowed, the outstanding value on your mortgage steadily reduces until the mortgage is fully repaid at the end of the mortgage.

Therefore, you need a special low cost Life Insurance Policy where the sum insured decreases each year inline with the decreasing sum you owe your mortgage lender.

Interest Only Mortgages

If you have an Interest Only Mortgage - that's where your monthly repayments simply pay interest (you will be due to repay all the initial capital you borrowed at the end of the mortgage period), you'll need standard Term Life Insurance. This means you'll be constantly insured for the full amount you borrowed right until your life insurance terminates.

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Your Life Insurance with unbelievably low premiums and Award Winning Service.

You'll be amazed how cheap life insurance can be.

To guarantee the cheapest quotes and invaluable advice, we've appointed UK leaders in life insurance.

We work with specialist life insurance brokers who guarantee to find you the lowest premiums and the best deal.

The brokers compare the whole market, names such as Legal and General, Norwich Union, Fortis, Friends Provident, Aegon Scottish Equitable, Liverpool Victoria and all the other big name insurers. This way lifeinsurance promise you personally tailored life insurance quotations and really cheap prices.

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You get the Life Insurance Quotes to Compare!

You know that it's important to shop around when searching for cheap life insurance. The marvellous thing is that LifeSearch will do all the leg work for you. As brokers, they automatically compare prices from the entire market, and then one of their advisers will present you with a short list of suitable life insurance quotes for you to compare. You can then see which insurers are competing hard for you business and which is the cheapest.

This way you get quotes from top named insurance companies for a lot less!

But don't forget that price isn't the only factor you need to consider. Sometimes particular policies may have special features that may be relevant to you. That's why it's important to get professional advice.

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